Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Planting Trees to get Mother Earth "Back in a Snap!"

Welcome to our newest publishing form with NO paper.
You are warmly invited to share your knowledge and feelings about our immediate need to reforest our planet!


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Plant a Tree USA™ said...

Are you an author or publisher or book reader? Since we use paper to create books, it is our responsiblity to replant trees - to reforest! There is a way for authors and publishers to use the white space in their books and magazines to educate their readers to plant more trees. And, this does not cost the author/publisher anything at all! It actually puts the authors/publishers in a great position to market themselves as eco-responsible and green and it makes money, too! Be green and make greens for you nad your causes! Check out https://www.plantatreeusa.com/corporate/myweb.php?hls=69 to see how Authors and Publishers can make a huge impact to plant 18 billion trees and educate millions! Go plant trees NOW at www.plantatreeusa.com !


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