Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Clean Energy with USANA

Hello Entrepreneurs and Dear Readers, who are looking to become a part of a company dedicted to health and sustainability ... I just received this article from a wonderfully progressive woman Lori who is dedicated to health, her family, world peace, and a clean GREEN world.
Read what Lori sent us, dated Thu, Aug 17, 2006:

USANA Health Sciences upgrades its facilities with clean energy

SALT LAKE CITY — USANA Health Sciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer and direct seller of nutritional supplement and personal care products, has made a large renewable energy purchase from Rocky Mountain Power. USANA is buying 750 blocks of Blue Sky wind energy per month, which qualifies it as a Visionary-level partner in the program. Its purchase offsets 900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That has the environmental benefit of planting 354 acres of trees or taking 154 cars off the road for a year. USANA’s Blue Sky purchase is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by 107 typical Utah households each month. “Our company’s vision is to love life and to live it to its fullest in happiness and health. We are all responsible for our stewardship as inhabitants of this earth,” said USANA’s Georgiann Hernandez, workforce management administrator. Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program gives both residential and business customers a way to increase the demand for clean, renewable wind energy and to take advantage of its environmental benefits. It is sold in 100 kilowatt-hour increments, called blocks, for $1.95 per block per month in addition to a customer’s regular bill. USANA employs approximately 450 people at its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City and more than 750 people worldwide. “We are expanding our headquarters and we are integrating renewable energy resources, including solar panels for our new building and parking area,” Hernandez said. “In 2007, we plan to retrofit our existing building to improve its energy efficiency.” USANA offers recycling programs and encourages carpooling, bicycling and public transportation. Also, Hernandez said that studies are underway to identify areas within the company’s manufacturing process where it can reduce waste. “Rocky Mountain Power already buys renewable energy for its customers, but USANA is helping bring even more wind power into the system and encouraging wind farm development through its Blue Sky purchase,” said Dave Spalding, Rocky Mountain Power corporate account manager. Wind is an attractive form of energy generation because it helps reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Just one block of Blue Sky has the same environmental benefit of either planting about a half acre of trees or not driving 2,500 miles. Enrollment is optional, and customers can increase their participation or withdraw at any time.

Anyone interested in becoming an active member in USANA's health company can contact ... and note subject of email to be "Dedicated to Health, Wealth, and Well-Being"



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