Monday, September 18, 2006

Larry Jones of Feed the Children promotes Reforestation

During an inter-active interview today, Larry Jones of Feed the Children ( spoke of the need for reforestation (re-planting of tress) internationally.
Feed the Children has studied and is a living case study of how to end world hunger.
An underlying step is to address environmental disasters, human impact and violence.

Probably known to few, Feed the Children planted a million trees!

Larry explained that when you present someone with a "plate of food", they do more than open their mouths, they open their hearts!
Larry and Feed the Children have had the opportunity to hear first hand the real needs of a country when they bring food to their many hungry children.
Larry explained that a pressing need shared in many countries is the need for MORE TREES.

Feed the Children has the contacts, know-how, and systems to get the trees planted.
Larry has opened the door for Plant a Tree USA to assist and participate the way we know best - by selling tree plantings ... and this can take us from being Plant a Tree USA to Plant a Tree WORLD!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Feed the Children and reforestation.

Please support Feed the Children NOW (!
Thank you from the bottom of our tree roots.

We all thank Pat Burns for her excellent networking and interview skills for bringing Larry Jones to her "Success Strategy" interview and for inviting him to open up and teach us all!


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