Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Angelo is a Ball of Light ... Step by Step he lights up YOUR KIDS' passion and purpose!

Dear Special Parents ...

On the day after Thanksgiving, I usually wonder about the many people going out to buy more consumables - to purchase more STUFF to fill up our Earth, which inevitably ends up as more garbage when the novelty of the "gift STUFF" wears off.

This Thanksgiving and every day until the Holidays and beyond, there is a very special gift to give others - truly KNOWING that they are special and knowing the SONG of their HEART.

Can you really give that to someone?

Yes, you can GIVE that to MANY.
I received it as a gift; and it has a made a world of difference with the lives, hearts, and self-love of my children and myself.

It is a story called "The Coming Home Story" inspired by a boy named Christopher about Angelo, a ball of light who has a heart just like you!
"The Coming Home Story" can make you instantly sing out loud with the song of your heart!
My kiddies and I are thankful day-in and day-out for this beautiful inspiration.

To order a copy on CD, contact the creator of "The Coming Home Story", Kathleen Rogers at 703-282-0743.
Let her know that the Tree Chic of Plant a Tree USA™ sent you.
This is a gift that is comparable to saving a life.

Thanks for being a part of the world's Treasure Map!

Care and Warmth,
Tree Chic
Plant a Tree USA™ is creating a Creating a Healthy Mother Earth ... this starts with healthy minds and healthy love in our kids and in ourselves!

Call the creator of "The Coming Home Story", and let her know you were referred with enthusiasm by Tree Chic and Plant a Tree USA™.
Call Kathleen Rogers at 703-282-0743, order the CD's for those you love, sit back, and enjoy.


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