Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Memory to GROW up towards HEAVEN ...

Funeral homes across the USA are now getting involved in GREEN everlasting arrangements to comfort grieving survivors by planting trees in memory of loved ones who have passed.

To get your local funeral home involved, have them contact to sign up for this special program.

As Mark Victor Hansen says, each person is responsible for planting at least 3 TREES ... plant a tree when we are born, when we fall in love, and in our memory at our death!

Funeral homes and funeral home directors can play an important part in the bridge and continuum of closing and healing the wound of loss.
Flowers abound funerals though flowers wilt and perish.
Humans, on the other hand, are born, grow, and then pass on.
Their memory and their soul and their contributions remain in the hearts on Mother Earth.
It is fitting that their memory be embodied in a new-growth on the planet, rooted deep into our soil.
The funeral home, by planting trees, has the opportunity to re-plant another life by planting trees in honor of each person who passes on.

Thank you, funeral homes, for PLANTING the seeds of a beautiful custom and tradition - planting trees in honor of those who leave our world as we know it.

Warmly and gently,
Plant a Tree USA™ and Tree Chic - totally endorsing this movement towards greening our planet and assisting those who are mourning!

With love to Mother Earth and Earth tenants!


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