Monday, September 18, 2006

The Million Dollar Hike by Wajid the Entertainer and Philanthropist!

Visit to see the man Wajid.
Wajid not only laughs his way into your heart, he takes you along with him through wealth building and philantropy!
Wajid will even take you climbing up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (virtually that is)!

Wajid has created the Million Dollar Hike in order to raise over a MILLION dollars, every single penny of which is passionately given to feed and nourish children around the world through Feed the Children.
Sponsor Wajid for Feed the Children by filling out a Pledge Form on Wajid's site,

Wajid's connection with Plant a Tree USA is an honor for us and we are thankful for his heart and soulful support.
Wajid's site full of high level testimonials hosts our Plant a Tree USA website link, encouraging Wajid's multitudes of fans and supporters to visit!

Wajid was actually the first eco-affiliate of Plant a Tree USA to put us as a link on his site.
He is a trend setter.
Follow Wajid and become an eco-affiliate of Plant a Tree USA, get more trees planted, and support your favorite charity ... sign up at

We just received an email from Wajid we would like to share ...
"If I had a third of the energy my friend the Tree Chic has, I would be on the moon by now. I don't know how she does it. Raising wonderful children and running around the country to promote such a worthy cause. Thank you for showing your care for this beautiful Planet who has endured such terrible limitation on our behalf. I want everyone to get on the ball and help TREE CHIC and Plant a Tree USA plant trees for Mother Earth."

Please follow Wajid ... as he leads a way to Environmental Sustainability, Wealth, and Philantropy - with a unique twist of laugter and love!
Don't forget to check out


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