Monday, November 27, 2006

World of Imagination and Possibilities

Dear World of Imagination and Possibilities ...

Introducing Linda Bardes, the Chief Wizard of the Living Work of Art Studio, who has engineered collage making into a beauty of a science!

It's up and active and ready for business!! The web site for the Kids Kollage Kit took a lot longer than anyone expected but as Linda says, "I think it was worth the wait."

This truly is a unique crafts kit for kids from the ages of 9 to 109.
Even younger children can work the kit successfully with supervision.
Healthy Mother Earth get ready for beautiful creations!

Take a look at the site by clicking and be sure to find the Magic Button.
If you like what you experience there, be part of the success of this product by forwarding the link to anyone you know who has kids, is related to kids, is friends with people with kids, or who IS a kid of ANY age.
Help the Living Work of Art Studios sell 1,000 Kids Kollage Kits by December 31!

Linda, thank you for your inspiration to our planet.

Tree Chic and Plant a Tree USA™


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