Sunday, December 10, 2006

FEED333 ... Feeding 3 million in 33 days on our Healthy Mother Earth

At Plant a Tree USA™, we are planting 18 billions trees and educating millions. We are creating a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!

A Healthy Mother Earth includes "a world where all children receive the nourishment for their bodies, to fuel the expansion of their minds, that ignites the fire in their hearts, so they can live as the greatest possibility of their spirits!"

This is the vision of Sprtye Loriano of FEED333,

Imagine feeding 3 million children in 33 days.

Would You Like To Help Feed 3 Million American Children In 33 Days...
...For Just One Dollar? If you’re in a hurry, just click here to “watch” the story.

When Spryte met Tree Chic of Plant a Tree USA™ there was an immediate joining of positive forces, a special place in each other's complementary visions to help and support and build and grow strong mighty trees in our soil and in our children.

The FEED333 program is simple, and it offers great rewards. Those who donate even $1 will have access to many great movies, e-Books, posters and more--for free. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to watch your offering grow right before your eyes as you spread the word! Go see it at FEED333.

Wouldn't it feel good to help feed a hungry child with as little as $1, and know exactly where your donation was going? Wouldn't it be fun to WATCH in real time how that $1 grows to feed 1000 children - just from your One simple act?

What if along the way to "feeding" the children, YOU were also nourished, empowered, and supported to being your greatest possibility? Wouldn't it feel exciting to be a part of an event that is attracting the best of today’s human potential pioneers , and is leaving its mark on how we "view" hunger and FEEDing forever?

Wouldn't it be great to accomplish this all with one simple click? If you’re as inspired as Plant a Tree USA™ is, watch how it works at FEED333.

Spryte’s Vision is clear.
It’s a vision we hope you’ll share with us at Plant a Tree USA™.

At the same time you are making a difference by helping to “feed” 3 Million hungry American children, you are also being “fed.” And as you spread the word to your friends by sending them an email, like this one, you’re participating in the perfect Pay-It-Forward system! See how ... Visit FEED333.

When you provide a tax-deductible gift of even $1 that goes to support three of the Most Efficient Charities in the Nation according to Forbes Magazine, you will immediately receive access to incredible gifts that “feed” you! Gifts to you include a growing list of E-Books, Mp3’s, Pass-Along Movies, Tele-Courses and Specials from Today’s Best Human Development & Peak Performance Leaders!

Here’s a Sampling of Contributors: Robert G. Allen, Jack Canfield, Michelle Blood, T. Harv Eker, Arielle Ford, Jon Gordon, Mark Victor Hansen, Freddie Ravel, James Arthur Ray, James Twyman, Alexandra Watson, Spiritual Cinema! “The Secret,” and many, many more!

Plant a Tree USA™ is passing Sprtye's dream to you as a gift of inspiration to the world.
The “33 Days” has begun!

Join Plant a Tree USA™ in creating miracles and a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!

May you know the JOY of Feeding and Being Fed and Planting Seeds of Love, Passion, and Strength!


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