Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Huffington Post and Light Bulbs!

Dear Friends,

In my reseach, I am grateful for finding The Huffington Post blog and share part of one post with all who have not yet read the views discussed there.

Bob Cesca wrote "Al Gore: The Voice Of Reality, 2006" dated 12.19.06.
Below is an excerpt of Bob Cesca's words, describing what the 110th Congress can start working on.
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Imagine our country's New Year's resolutions ...

"1) A comprehensive carbon emissions tax on industry.
2) Renewed and increased tax breaks for hybrid vehicle purchases.
3) Real tax incentives for green technology investment.
4) And here's a wild idea I just thought of: free low wattage fluorescent light bulbs for every low income and elderly American. In other words, a 100 percent tax refund for every low wattage light bulb purchased. Call it the Affordable Electricity Act. Low income households and senior citizens would save on their electricity bills and get their bulbs for free while we reduce carbon emissions."

This low wattage fluorescent light bulb idea is simple and brilliant.
Even my friend's 12-year-old, Sammie, said she wants to sell such light bulbs to raise money and use the profits to plant more trees!

If 12-year-old Sammie and Bob Cesca and Laurie David ( and Al Gore and YOU know these simple steps, what is stopping us from moving out of our box and making a change!?

There is no time to wait.

Urgency ... Planetary Health.
Remedy ... Listen to our 12-year-olds and plant 18 billion trees!

Warmly encouraging baby steps towards eco-responsible living ...
Tree Chic and Plant a Tree USA™ ... Planting 18 billion trees and educating millions ... plant the trees, clean the air, change the mindset, and then we're onto water!

Creating a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!


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