Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dancing for Harmony of Mother Earth

Unbelievable news - Hot off the Dancing Shoes Press!

Two incredible dancers, who with Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) have conceived and choreographed "the dance to end poverty", have now joined in the "GREEN MOVEMENT".

And talk about MOVEMENT!
Alberto & Selena Hoyos of Rhythmic Harmony have dedicated themselves to MOVING both individuals and our planet into balance through dance.

Plant a Tree USA™ is excited to announce that Rhythmic Harmony will contribute $1,000 to Plant a Tree USA™ for every single couple who registers with them.
That means that with only 1,000 registrations to Rhythmic Harmony, Plant a Tree USA will receive $1,000,000 - YES - ONE MILLION DOLLARS towards our passionate mission of planting 18 billion trees and educating millions!

These world-famous and award winning dancers have the secret to help you balance your life and find love, money, health, and wealth.
Through your personal movement, you can unlock your unique talents, abilities and desires to acquire your dreams in an enlightened manner.

They have created two fantastic weekend seminars based on dance:
Your Dance of Romance (Oct 14-15th) and Your Dance of Life (Nov 18-19th).

Now, take a look at and see how inner balance will
change your life direction towards what you really want.

To register, call 407-468-4968 and tell them you are calling to change your life and change the planet. You will make their day even more blessed!
(No need to pay the full price as there is a discount for Plant a Tree USA™ supporters, and that means you!)

Mention Plant a Tree USA™ and be one of the thousands who contribute to creating a "Healthy Mother Earth, physically, mentally, and spiritually to offset the human impact on our planet!"

This graciousness and generosity of Rhythmic Harmony humbles us.
We thank Alberto & Selena from the bottom of our tree roots.

From the children of the world, we at Plant a Tree USA™ thank you all for healing our planet through reforestation, re-education, and dance!

Please call to sign up with Alberto & Selena NOW !

May all of our pursuits be ever green and ever meaningful.


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