Sunday, October 29, 2006

From the heart. The inside story as Plant a Tree USA develops.

There is a time when you learn to see your own faults.
I see that I know more about loving trees than saving trees.
Saving the planet is more than wishing it to happen.

It is not easy to leave my comfort level and go to where I dare, where I must make bold moves, understood by few and misunderstood and construed by MANY as not right.
Once the world was thought round, so being the different thinker is not the common ground nor the accepted path ... but it is the colorful path to progress and positive growth.

Fail forward fast means making mistakes along the way.
But as Bill Allen said to me in a group, while taking a walk together in Anaheim, "Entrepreneurs are MASTERS of Rejection".

So I feel as a reject now from society.
But is is just a phase to be written about in a book, sooner than later, about the trials and tribulations of seeding, nurturing, and growing the icon of green responsibility ... thank you G-d for your guidance and thank you family for our teamwork.

I am blessed.
An amazing woman, Judge Glenda Hatchett says , "I do not have the luxury to be tired." when she decribes her responsibility to the cildren of the world.

I must say that I do not have the luxury to be tired, and I am yawning just the same.

Love to the readers who are in a similar boat ... we are sailing forever forward and you are not alone.

Tree Chic, aka THKL (the "Tree Hugger and Kid Lover")


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