Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation explores the Benefits of TREES

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation gives am online gift of a beautiful description of planting trees to all!

for a beautiful description of Planting TREES ...
... from the Planting Hole preparation
... to fertilizing (be sure to use ORGANIC fertilizer and soil enhancer ... let us know which brand you like)
... to Pruning (to keep the tree shapely if it is a landscape tree)
... to Staking (no - not eating steak!)
... to Watering
... and Tubing (no, not "tubing" down a river, tubing a new tree for protection and a long life!)

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation site is a wealth of information!

We particularly liked the description of the Benefits of Trees:

Did you know that trees ...
* Provide Oxygen,
* Clean The Air,
* Combat The Greenhouse Effect,
* Cool The Streets And The City,
* Conserve Energy,
* Save Water,
* Help Prevent Water Pollution,
* Help Prevent Soil Erosion,
* Shield Children From Ultraviolet Rays,
* Provide Food,
* Are Teachers and Playmates,
* Mark the Seasons,
* Create Economic Opportunities,
* Bring Diverse Groups Of People Together and add Unity,
* Provide A Canopy and Habitat For Wildlife,
* Block or Hide Things,
* Provide Wood,
* Increase Property Values,
* Increase Business Traffic

It is an honor for us at Plant a Tree USA™ to find and share an organization whose GREEN goals meet ours.

We truly thank Randy Finch, CEO and owner of Finch Tree Surgery,, for taking the time and interest to introduce Plant a Tree USA™ to the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation.

Plant a Tree USA™ - Creating a Healthy Mother Earth with a passion!


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