Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mark's Water 4 Life (Venture with Mark Victor Hansen)

Talk about being GREEN ... how about BLUE-GREEN!?
Here is a special link to "Mark's Water 4 Life" venture (co-created by Mark Victor Hansen) which directly supports Plant a Tree USA.

Go to and scroll down and sign up!

The venture fits into our purpose .... to Create a Healthy Mother Earth, with a PASSION!

If you are interested to join into Mark's venture for healthy water and wealth for all of us, please join on using this affiliate link.

Then, Plant a Tree USA will benefit by being the recipient of a percentage of your sales.

Go to and scroll down and sign up!

May our pursuits be ever green and ever meaningful.

Thank you very much from us and the planet!

Tree Chic ... Creating a Healthy Mother Earth, physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally - all with passion and a heart!


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