Thursday, March 22, 2007

Plant a Tree USA and Amazon Partnership

Any purchase from Amazon supports tree plantings
Dear Friends, Family, Business colleagues, and all fellow Earth inhabitants,

Plant a Tree USA™ now has a direct affiliation with Amazon.

All purchases you make through our special link directly support tree plantings, tree maintanence, education, and creating a healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!

Bookmark the link Plant a Tree USA™ affiliation with Amazon and support tree plantings anytime and everytime you purchase at Amazon. Amazon will support Plant a Tree USA™ with a percentage of your sale dollars.

IMAGINE, every time you purchase a book, tape, CD, etc ... through our link at Amazon, you support a healthier earth. That's right, YOU can make a difference. Small steps make big progress, and this is one that you and your friends can be a part of immediately, today, right now. It's that easy.
By the way.....
Did you read the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell with subtitle "How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference"?

HIGHLY recommended, as it shows
... how each of us can TIP the GREEN movement forward!

No time like the present to TIP green ... we can all do it.

Thank you for your dedication to our planet and to ourselves.

If for some reason, the hyperlinks above do not work for you, simply go to

Any purchase from Amazon supports tree plantings
Be sure to bookmark the link and use it each time you shop at Amazon to have your purchase GROW TREES!

Tree Chic
Plant a Tree USA™ ... Planting 18 Billion trees and educating millions.


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