Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dreams ... the truth and the secret.

"You can have your doubts or you can have your dreams. You can't have both!"
Carolyn McCormick www.successcoachforlife.com

At Plant a Tree USA™ we have our dreams and we are going for them.

Plant a Tree USA™ is now in active preparation for joining with the United Nation's "Billion Tree Campaign".

Come be a part of history with us ... as we prepare to join the ranks of the United Nations!

Please email us the names of 2 corporations or companies you think can become sponsors for Plant a Tree USA™.

We know how to have our planet's dreams realized.

Warmly from the bottom of our tree roots,
Tree Chic and The Plant a Tree USA™ DREAM TREE TEAM
call us at: 1-877-A-Tree-4-U

... Planting 18 Billion trees and educating millions.

Creating a healthy Mother Earth with a passion!™


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