Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trees and One Prayer

To our dear friends and supporters of Plant a Tree USA™,

This beautiful song was sent to us as a gift ... and we share it with you, a prayer.

Click http://youtube.com/watch?v=BQeeZDkMCUQ and raise the volume!

by Karl Anthony

If I had one prayer, Id pray for people who hate
Maybe Im out of my mind ...or deep in my faith
A man grows old ...when his souls in pain
Only love can loosen that chain

But if I offer you grace, will it cause any change
And do I appear weak, if I calm my rage
I think of revenge, but will I become
The thing I despise, when a heart goes numb

Ill say a prayer, hoping it finds ...people who hate
I send it now, to heal the hearts ...of people who hate

If only one song ...could silence hate
And end all the war ...before its too late
If a cold mind ...could begin to feel
Then the fear in our world ...has a chance to heal

Ill say a prayer, knowing it finds ...people who hate
I send it now, to heal the hearts ...of people who hate
......pray for people who hate
All of our thoughts ...can set the stage
For the power of love ...is larger than rage
When we take revenge ...we will become
The hate we despise ...as our soul goes numb

I have One Prayer ...for the world to hear
Its a cry for mercy ...the last of our tears
Let hate dissolve ... let the past reveal
That love has shown us what is real

Angels above, quiet the pain ...in people who hate
Im sending One Prayer, to heal the hearts ...in people who hate

One prayer.....Pray!

(May all be loved, may all be blessed, may all feel peace....pray for people who hate)

Im sending love to people who hate
I must be out of my mind ...or deep in my faith

You may ask - What does this have to do with trees?

Why is Plant a Tree USA™ sending out a prayer to whose who hate?

It has everything to do with trees, and everything to do with our goal ... it is about faith and belief and doing whatever it takes to Create a Healthy Mother Earth, with a Passion!

We at Plant a Tree USA™ have the ability and the desire to move to action.

Join us and join on ...
planting trees and caring about a whole lot more,
holistically understanding that the solution is GROWTH.

Growth of the trees ...
Growth of ourselves ...
Growth of businesses to support environmentally sound processes, products, and values.

Thank you from the bottom of our tree roots to ...
* Karl Anthony http://www.karlanthony.com/ for his artistic talent and spark.
* Carol Powell, M.S., Participant Director, www.financialfrontier.com, for introducing us to Karl's "art in song".
* You ... yes YOU ... Thank you for your "prayer" for a green planet.

Act today, plant a tree, and care for those who are unable to love ... YET.

Warmly with love, respect, and gratitude,
Tree Chic

www.plantatreeusa.com ... Planting 18 Billion trees and Educating millions, Creating a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!


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