Monday, June 22, 2009

Make the earth green enough

There are those who would say ...

"We will never fight enough wars to bring peace.
We will never feed enough hungry to end starvation.
We will never build enough living spaces to house the homeless.
We will never be outraged enough to end all atrocities.
We will never build enough jails to end crime.
And we will never make the earth green enough to end global warming."
Maybe it's time to choose another way.

At they believe ...
"there is a higher standard of living
available to all of us
and that it can only be attained through the raising of consciousness.
Blessing those people and circumstances around us allows us
to individually and collectively raise our consciousness to a higher level.
By joining forces through the gentle process of blessing, ...
we have the capability to impact the world in a powerful and amazing way."

Since it is our mission to make the earth green enough, we have no choice but to bless those people around us and realize our actions are blessings on others.

We at Plant a Tree USA™ have been introduced to a beautiful exercise that you may want to adopt, as well.

"I will actively search for the blessing in every circumstance and in those times when none can be found, I will trust that the blessing will be revealed when the time is right.

I will daily express an attitude of gratitude,
for all the blessings in my life, even those I cannot see.

Whenever I feel stressed, pressed or confused, I will take a Blessing Breather,
quieting my mind for a moment and focusing only on my breath, breathing deeply and slowly. With each inhalation, I will mentally affirm "I am so blessed" and with each exhalation, I will mentally affirm "I am a blessing to the world," repeating the process at least three times and allowing my body to relax completely before returning to the task at hand."

May this exercise be a blessing to you personally and a collective blessing of making the earth green enough and growing the forests on our planet together.

Tree Blessings to you!

Tree Chic and the team at Plant a Tree USA™


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