Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Plant a Tree USA‎™‎ at Harvard University

Take a Look at this Press Release about Plant a Tree USA‎™‎ at Harvard University

Upcoming Events: August 10, 2007 at Harvard University

The Chlorine Free Products Association is co-hosting a roundtable discussion on Greening the Supply and Purchasing Chains. We have gathered together purchasing, sustainability, and facility management representatives from colleges, universities, hospitals, and governments to discuss topics on: Recycling standards, closing the loop, energy, water use, reducing carbon gases, and environmentally preferred products.

The speakers will reveal sources of reliable information used by each panelist in setting parameters and developing partners used in Greening their Supply Chain. Panel members and attendees as well will be asked to participate in three activities:
* Where do you get reliable information on Greening the Supply Chain when setting guidelines?
* What certifications/logos are recognizable? What do they certify?
* How do you define sustainability, and what products or companies are leaders in this field?

The discussion will be moderated by Kevin Lyons Ph.D. Director of Purchasing at Rutgers University: Rob Gogan, Harvard's supervisor of recycling and waste management, will give a luncheon address. Several other campus sustainability professionals will be participating in the panel discussions.

Join our co-hosts and sponsors: Harvard University, Rutgers University, the New American Dream, Responsible Purchasing Network, Plant a Tree USA™, Earth Day Network, Cascades Inc, Neenah Paper, and National Envelope.

To attend, please go to http://chlorinefreeproducts.org/closing_the_loop.pdf , download the itinerary and registration form. There is a $50 program fee for this event.

The Chlorine Free Products Association {CFPA} is an independent not-for-profit accreditation & standard setting organization founded in 1994. Our focus is promoting sustainable manufacturing practices, implementing advanced technologies free of chlorine chemistry, educating consumers on alternatives, and developing world markets for sustainably produced third party certified products and services. The CFPA has no financial interest in any manufacturer, or company, of the products it certifies.

Plant a Tree USA™ is a proud partner with the Chlorine Free Products Association, together "Creating a Healthy Mother Earth, with passion!"™

http://www.plantatreeusa.com/ ... Planting 18 Billion trees and Educating Millions.™

Growing Healthy Businesses hand in hand with Mother Earth™

Plant a Tree USA‎™

Growing Healthy Businesses hand in hand with Mother Earth™


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