Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Peace Emerging features Plant a Tree USA‎™‎ on NEWSFLASH!


Plant a Tree USA‎™ has been featured as a FRONT PAGE solution for taking action ... and making an impact!

Click here to view the online article and pictures.

World Peace Emerging says that "For every problem in the world, there is someone hard at work, making change. The solutions are already here. Get to know the people who are taking action....and making an impact!"

"At World Peace Emerging, we are on a mission to Save Our World....
Here's how we're going to do it:

"Did you know that right now, today, there are solutions to each of the world's worst problems?

"At World Peace Emerging, we find the people who are already making an impact, and we bring you their stories.

"Then, together, we take them on as our HEROES and help them increase their reach. These are our CHAMPIONS!" (text by World Peace Emerging, Daring to Save the World.)

Thank you, World Peace Emerging for choosing Plant a Tree USA‎™ as your HERO and CHAMPION.

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