Friday, November 09, 2007

Bio ~ CINDY KATZ, Founder Plant a Tree USA™

Today we received a great email from our friends at RecycleBank and at Articulate Communications Inc. letting us know that there is a great site called Savvy Mommy.

They also shared with us that a producer is looking for eco-friendly holiday gifts and they thought of us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We are posting our CEO and founder's biography here so that the producer for a morning show segment ‎for a major broadcast outlet has the plesaure of visiting our Tree Chic blog as well as the Plant a ‎Tree USA™ website.‎

Our goals of planting more and more trees are multiplying daily.‎


Biography, CINDY KATZ, Founder Plant a Tree USA™

A master educator in Science, Mathematics, Writing, Languages, Personal Growth programs, and others, Cindy Katz is a Mother at heart.
With five children of her own, she has found ways to communicate seemingly difficult subjects and missions with ease to children of all ages.
With Mother Earth as her esteemed colleague and friend, Cindy focuses her energy night and day on educating individuals and businesses around the world about the value of her mission to care for the environment in their every day lives.

With a Masters Degree in Ecology and Zoology from the University of Tel Aviv, Bachelors Degrees of Art in Biology and Education from Rutgers University, and biology, marine science and ecology research experience at the University of Texas and the University of New South Wales in Australia, Cindy has studied the ecological balance in depth between a healthy Mother Earth and the daily activities of companies, families
and individuals.

As CEO and Founder of Plant a Tree USA™, Cindy's mission is to plant 18 billion trees and educate millions, creating a healthy Mother Earth with a passion.

As a part of her mission at Plant a Tree USA™, Cindy developed a specific program for authors and publishers called the Authors Save World campaign to promote tree plantings and raise awareness in the publishing industry.

Cindy is dedicated to helping businesses discover opportunities to make their processes and methods of production and delivery ecologically responsible. She also specializes in educating and encouraging businesses to inform their consumers and business-to-business clients about how they save money and make money by being green.

To learn more about Plant a Tree USA™:

Cindy has always been interested in uniting industries, organizations and people that seem to compete to be at the forefront of the green initiative in their area. In addition to promoting what they've done so far, she has found that by asking the questions that no one is asking results in advancing the green efforts of each industry forward in a positive and productive way.

Cindy is also the co-creator and co-author of The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing, the first book on how everyone can publish a book in a “green” eco-responsible way. The book is the proud home of accolades by Jack Canfield (The Secret), and Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and the number one environmental web-presence which receives over 4 million visitors monthly.

As a visionary, Cindy Katz sees it all clearly. She is living her dream, planting trees and playing in the forests with kids, creating growing opportunities for all to create healthy forests for our children and for ourselves.


Have a wonderful weekend as this Autumn season settles in.

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