Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trees are the ONLY resource replenisher on Earth

Important to remember when you are making your mark on the planet:
Trees are the ONLY resource replenisher on Earth

When we speak with our business clients at Plant a Tree USA™ they explain that they want to give back to the environment so they want to be green.
They want to use recycled paper.
They want to recycle their office paper.
They want to reduce their electricity bills by using less energy.
They want to recycle their employees' plastic bottles and cans ...

Remember that most businesses want to GIVE BACK to the environment.

These important actions of recycling and minimizing electrical usage, in essence, reduce the impact of the business!

In order to truly "give back" you must work on the other side of the ecological equation and replenishes our planet WITH RESOURCES by planting trees.

Trees give to our environment by filtering pollution from our air to purify our air, create oxygen, reduce carbon, create beauty and shade, and bring balance to the planet.

On one side, keep up the great work to REDUCE REDUCE REDUCE our waste.

On the other side, remember to build up our resources and PLANT PLANT PLANT trees!

Tree Chic and the team at Plant a Tree USA™


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