Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Children's Literacy and TREES ... perfect together!

The Orange County Children's Book Festival www.kidsbookfestival.com, is an annual event supporting children's literacy. This Book Festival is run by Timeless Learning Inc, a non-profit whose vision (with a bit of literary liberty) is "many many many children who love to read and then some more children who can and love to read".

We at Plant a Tree USA™ support Timeless Learning Inc. and the Orange County Children's Book Festival in a special way. Timeless Learning Inc. is part of the Plant a Tree USA™ Eco-Affiliate program so that when people plant trees and use the promotional code FUNTOREAD - Timeless Learning Inc. receives a portion of part of the cost of the tree.

The Orange County Children's Book Festival will be announcing this connection of how PLANTING TREES supports Children's Literacy to committee members, exhibitors, authors, and friends, who may want to plant a tree in honor of someone and/or someone's special event!

Please visit the special link
or go to https://www.plantatreeusa.com/individual/myweb.php?hls=54 and then enter the code FUNTOREAD in the last step of the purchase process.

Plant a Tree USA™ received a note this evening explaining that the staff of the Orange County Children's Book Festival will let everyone know that they can take advantage of this opportunity to both get a very special tree gift for someone and help Children's Literacy at the same time!

Plant a Tree USA™ was most touched at the end of the note from Timeless Learning Inc., which read "Thanks for thinking of us."

It is our love and passion to be involved, do good, and create a healthy Mother Earth and literate "Mother-earthlings".

With warm and care from deep within Plant a Tree USA™ tree roots.

Happy Birthday to Michelle and Pat Burns, who are most dedicated to Children's Literacy!


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