Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Organize, Recycle, and Organize again!

"Look for paperboard and other paper packaging at the grocery store, pharmacy, carryout and other places. They help to keep many of the things you buy safe, clean, and protected, not to mention easier to open. Paperboard is lightweight, so it can save energy when it's transported. It's also largely recyclable and mostly biodegradable. But before you toss it in the bin, see if there's a way you can reuse it. For example, turn empty cereal boxes into magazine shelf organizers, or use lidded containers to store anything from jewelry to nuts and bolts."

Plant a Tree USA™ wants to acknowledge the Abundant Forest Alliance (AFA) for their educational contributions to all of our planet's inhabitants, one example pictured above.

Thank you, AFA, for your creative, recyclable, practical ways to organize our LIVES and home and business environments!
We all have stuff around the home and office, which would be better off organized in a clean healthy fun manner.

This cardboard idea came from their site and has found its way into Plant a Tree USA™'s heart!

Visit to learn more!

We thank Laura & Steve with lots of warmth and excitement for introducing Plant a Tree USA™ to the world of the Abundant Forest Alliance.


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