Thursday, October 25, 2007

The California Wildfires: A podcast interview with Dr. Reese Halter, president and co-founder of Global Forest Science.

Our friend and tree partner Dr. Reese Halter speaks about the fires in Southern California!

Dr. Reese Halter: "Weather can be wild and it is getting wilder. Global warming has been linked to myriad natural catastrophes, and race is on to change the way we interact with our planet. In the next decade, we will experience the greatest technological advancements ever witnessed, as we move beyond our reliance on fossil fuels and harvest the sun." - Dr. Reese Halter.

Click to hear Dr. Reese interviewed on Keith Olbermann's show, Countdown:
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Dr. Reese is an award-winning conservation scientist, best-selling children's author, syndicated science writer, TV nature documentary host, and professor of Botany at Humboldt State University, California. Dr. Reese's love of Nature began as a child. A springtime tree-planting ritual with his father and brother became his passion. He knew from the time he was a child that he wanted to be a tree scientist and went on to attain three university degrees including a PhD from The University of Melbourne, Australia. It became clear at a young age to Dr. Reese that there was a tremendous lack of basic information on how trees and forests function. He believed that teams of multidisciplinary problem-solving scientists needed to work together to short-circuit ecological disasters, and identify and protect fragile ecosystems.

In the late 1980s, Dr. Reese founded Global Forest Science as a charitable international forest research foundation. He donated a substantial amount of his inheritance to the foundation. Today with an international team of over 140 scientists, Global Forest Science is a world leader in forest science research and conservation and has been called the Red Adair of the forest biology world. Global Forest Science has many victories, including the legislation from Ottawa to protect the threatened westslope cutthroat trout of British Columbia and Alberta, protection of the world's largest ant colony in Japan, using trees and forests in Manitoba and Wyoming as a barometer of rising global temperatures, opening an international insect quarantine facility at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, saving New Zealand's multi-billion-dollar forestry and agriculture industries from the Australian painted apple moth and understanding dieback of the tallest trees on Earth - California redwoods. Through Global Forest Science, Dr. Reese visits schools and encourages children worldwide to embrace conservation, science exploration, and learning.

Thank Dr Reese ... Speak to you soon!

Tree Chic and the team at Plant a Tree USA™

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Green Guide Girls‎™‎ Make Green Book Publishing Easy at ECOFEST in NYC

The Green Guide Girls™ joined other environmentally conscious companies and organizations at this year’s ECOFEST event in New York City on Sunday, September 30, 2007, at Lincoln Center.

ECOFEST is the largest environmental event on the East Coast, and is unequaled in its broad base of public and private sector support. ECOFEST is a unique cultural and educational environmental festival, free to the public. Through dynamic exhibits, stimulating entertainment and celebrity performers and speakers, ECOFEST fosters public awareness about opportunities for environmental change. It spurs people to get involved in making their homes, communities, schools, offices and personal life practices more ecologically advanced and environmentally sound. ECOFEST has the support of key federal, state and city government agencies, major corporations and environmental organizations such as BP Solar, United States Postal Service, US Department of Energy, US EPA, PSE&G, NYC DOT, NYC DEP, New York Power Authority and Consolidated Edison, Ben and Jerry's, SNAPPLE, KeySpan Energy, General Motors, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Nissan and Toyota, and The New York Zoological Society, the Audubon Society, the United Nations Environmental Program, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Rainforest Alliance, The New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the Council on the Environment.

“We encourage authors and publishers to consider the simple decision to use environmentally friendly resources to produce their books. It is the pivotal shift that will resolve the impact on climate change in the book publishing industry,” say Cindy Katz and Jennifer S. Wilkov as The Green Guide Girls™. “Education and information are the keys for any author and publisher to contribute their efforts to the global warming crisis.”

“When an average size book with 250 pages sells 1 million copies, approximately 12,000 trees are required to produce these books,” say The Green Guide Girls™. “That’s staggering! and a huge contributor to the climate change crisis. With one decision, authors and publishers can have a major impact on the issue of global warming. Most are not aware of the options available to them. That’s why we wrote the book ~ to educate authors and publishers so they can make informed decisions about their books.”

In their latest book, The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing (E.S.P. Press Corp. – June 1, 2007) with foreword by Tyson Miller, Director of the Green Press Initiative, co-authors and co-creators of The Green Guide Girls™, Cindy Katz, CEO and founder of Plant A Tree USA™, and Jennifer S. Wilkov, Publisher of E.S.P. Press Corp. and the best selling award winning author of the Dating Your Money series, teach authors and publishers how easy it is to produce and publish their books using an Earth-friendly approach with environmentally sound practices. Chock-full of resources and a full guide to the green book publishing process, The Green Guide Girls™ demonstrate that with one simple decision, any author and publisher can produce any book and reduce their impact on global warming by not requiring any materials from virgin trees. The Green Guide Girls™ also indicate that the cost difference for green book publishing resources is minimal if any these days.

The Green Guide Girls™ are the co-authors of the Green Guides for publishing on where authors and publishers alike can find their information in the How to Green Your Books For Authors and How to Green Your Books For Publishers Guides.

To order The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing, click


About the Authors:

Cindy Katz is the CEO and founder of Plant a Tree USA™. Her mission is to plant 18 billion trees and educate millions, creating a healthy Mother Earth with a passion. As a part of her mission at Plant a Tree USA™, Cindy developed a specific program for authors and publishers called the Authors Save World™ program to promote tree plantings and raise awareness in the publishing industry.;

Jennifer S. Wilkov is the best selling award winning author of the Dating Your Money series and the publisher of E.S.P. Press Corp. She is also a successful freelance writer, entrepreneur, business mentor, humanitarian, philosopher and philanthropist. Jennifer has always been interested in bringing together industry resources and people in the spirit of collaboration to enrich the consumer experience. Now she’s gone “green” as an author and publisher to collaborate with Cindy Katz to bring The Green Guide Girls™ to the publishing and author communities.

As the Green Guide Girls™, Cindy Katz and Jennifer S. Wilkov live in the classroom of life and raise their hands to ask their famous simple question, “How do we make THAT green?”™ Together, they consolidate the information and insights they find from the Collective Wisdom in every industry and provide ESP Tips™--Environmentally Sound Principles---and PAT Tips--Please Act Today action steps---throughout each book to make it easy for anyone to make anything “green”.

For additional information or to arrange an interview with The Green Guide GirlsTM,
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Tom Martin (646) 651-1148 ~

Publication Data:
The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing
Publisher: ESP Press Corp.
Authors: Cindy Katz & Jennifer S. Wilkov
Publication Date: June 1, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9777347-6-4 * Paperback; 5 ¼ X 7 ¼


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Peace Emerging features Plant a Tree USA‎™‎ on NEWSFLASH!


Plant a Tree USA‎™ has been featured as a FRONT PAGE solution for taking action ... and making an impact!

Click here to view the online article and pictures.

World Peace Emerging says that "For every problem in the world, there is someone hard at work, making change. The solutions are already here. Get to know the people who are taking action....and making an impact!"

"At World Peace Emerging, we are on a mission to Save Our World....
Here's how we're going to do it:

"Did you know that right now, today, there are solutions to each of the world's worst problems?

"At World Peace Emerging, we find the people who are already making an impact, and we bring you their stories.

"Then, together, we take them on as our HEROES and help them increase their reach. These are our CHAMPIONS!" (text by World Peace Emerging, Daring to Save the World.)

Thank you, World Peace Emerging for choosing Plant a Tree USA‎™ as your HERO and CHAMPION.

Tree Chic