Monday, October 30, 2006

Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality

Today was pivotal ...
... An afternoon and evening in the presence of Lynn Johnson, Kathleen Rogers, Chris, Kurt, Brenda J. Dunne, Elissa Hoeger, Bob Jahn, and Bob's dog ....
... At PEAR, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab at Princeton University in NJ

Bob Jahn, the PEAR Program Director is an "emeritus Professor of Aerospace Sciences and Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science" at Princeton University, "who has taught and published extensively in advanced space propulsion systems, plasma dynamics, fluid mechanics, quantum mechanics, and engineering anomalies."

Brenda Dunne, the PEAR Laboratory Manager, is "formally trained as a developmental psychologist but regards herself as a generalist whose principal task is the integration of the multiple scholarly vectors that bear on PEAR's various activities."

PEAR has developed "complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality."

PEAR has created exciting experiments and has scientifically proven in their laboratory with accuracy that our intentions change outcomes in our physical world!

We do affect our reality.
Contemplate that, please, deeply.

Plant a Tree USA is in the hearts and minds of very special world movers and shakers.

Thank you for this fabulous day.

Mountains moved.
Reality shifted. ... Creating a Healthy Mother Earth
... physically with the environment
... emotionally with knowing our purpose
... mentally with belief in ourselves
... and financially with wealth creation,
ALL with passion!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

From the heart. The inside story as Plant a Tree USA develops.

There is a time when you learn to see your own faults.
I see that I know more about loving trees than saving trees.
Saving the planet is more than wishing it to happen.

It is not easy to leave my comfort level and go to where I dare, where I must make bold moves, understood by few and misunderstood and construed by MANY as not right.
Once the world was thought round, so being the different thinker is not the common ground nor the accepted path ... but it is the colorful path to progress and positive growth.

Fail forward fast means making mistakes along the way.
But as Bill Allen said to me in a group, while taking a walk together in Anaheim, "Entrepreneurs are MASTERS of Rejection".

So I feel as a reject now from society.
But is is just a phase to be written about in a book, sooner than later, about the trials and tribulations of seeding, nurturing, and growing the icon of green responsibility ... thank you G-d for your guidance and thank you family for our teamwork.

I am blessed.
An amazing woman, Judge Glenda Hatchett says , "I do not have the luxury to be tired." when she decribes her responsibility to the cildren of the world.

I must say that I do not have the luxury to be tired, and I am yawning just the same.

Love to the readers who are in a similar boat ... we are sailing forever forward and you are not alone.

Tree Chic, aka THKL (the "Tree Hugger and Kid Lover")

Millionaire Princess supports our Planet with a Purpose!

Visit to see the site of an 8-year old girl, who is making a difference in the world of kids ...

She sells 100% organic Milllionaire Princess (pink) and Millionaire Prince (blue) T-shirts in kids and adult sizes. The T-shirts are made using non-toxic inks, in support of a clean planet!

Hats on and a green salute to the Millionaire Princess, a kid with a purpose, a dream, and who is DOING IT!


Mark's Water 4 Life (Venture with Mark Victor Hansen)

Talk about being GREEN ... how about BLUE-GREEN!?
Here is a special link to "Mark's Water 4 Life" venture (co-created by Mark Victor Hansen) which directly supports Plant a Tree USA.

Go to and scroll down and sign up!

The venture fits into our purpose .... to Create a Healthy Mother Earth, with a PASSION!

If you are interested to join into Mark's venture for healthy water and wealth for all of us, please join on using this affiliate link.

Then, Plant a Tree USA will benefit by being the recipient of a percentage of your sales.

Go to and scroll down and sign up!

May our pursuits be ever green and ever meaningful.

Thank you very much from us and the planet!

Tree Chic ... Creating a Healthy Mother Earth, physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally - all with passion and a heart!

Clear Vision

Share our clear vision.

To Create a healthy Mother Earth ...
... physically with the environment
... emotionally with knowing our purpose
... mentally with belief in ourselves
... and financially with wealth creation,

Join in! ... ... where YOU make the difference!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to Keep on Track ... with your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Dear all Creators and Supporters of a Healthy Mother Earth,

This beautiful message was sent to Plant a Tree USA™ today from Marcsper, a web consultant ( with a heart and mind dedicated to TREES and MOTHER EARTH.

This message has value for all!

Impermanence Of Obstacles
You may feel absentminded today and have trouble concentrating on your tasks. You may find yourself being consistently distracted by disruptions and end up feeling frustrated because you can't seem to get anything done. Remembering that your own attitude has the power to enhance or hinder your work flow, you may want to adopt a perspective of impermanence regarding obstacles today. As each disruption arises, simply affirm to yourself that it poses only a temporary pause in your work flow. You can shift your focus for a few moments to deal with whatever is distracting you and then immediately shift back to your previous task. This will help you keep your focus flexible and contribute to a mind-set of efficiency. By choosing to affirm that obstacles are temporary in nature, we empower ourselves with a mind-set of perseverance that allows us to stay focused and keep our work flow consistent. It is often not the obstacles themselves that hinder our progress on our work but rather our reaction to the obstacles. If we instead choose to focus on the fact that our obstacles are temporary, we avoid making mountains out of molehills and we can keep our work flow relatively smooth and continuous. This helps us develop a much more flexible, efficient attitude, which allows us to accomplish our tasks with ease rather than getting derailed by frustration. With a conscious focus on the impermanence of disruptions today, you can create the right mind-set to enhance your work flow.
This article is from, which nurtures mind, body, and spirit.

When you find purpose in your live and we all have purpose, it is still easy to be distracted with the many issues in life.

This article above has been influential in keeping Plant a Tree USA™ on track.
With high goals (planting 18 billion trees and educating millions) - Plant a Tree USA™ could allow ourselves to digress and blame it on "distractions".
However, when we (YOU included) are "on your purpose" and choose to stay focused, ... allow the distractions and interruptions, and know that they are just that - brief interruptions with a message to you.
Then - back to work and back on track.

Tree blessings to all.
Hugs and prayers to Marcsper.

Thank you DailyOM for this writing.
Thank you Marcsper, our special web consultant with a vision for TREES and MOTHER EARTH, for sharing this important message with Plant a Tree USA™ and now through this blog, with many. ... creating a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation explores the Benefits of TREES

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation gives am online gift of a beautiful description of planting trees to all!

for a beautiful description of Planting TREES ...
... from the Planting Hole preparation
... to fertilizing (be sure to use ORGANIC fertilizer and soil enhancer ... let us know which brand you like)
... to Pruning (to keep the tree shapely if it is a landscape tree)
... to Staking (no - not eating steak!)
... to Watering
... and Tubing (no, not "tubing" down a river, tubing a new tree for protection and a long life!)

The Pasadena Beautiful Foundation site is a wealth of information!

We particularly liked the description of the Benefits of Trees:

Did you know that trees ...
* Provide Oxygen,
* Clean The Air,
* Combat The Greenhouse Effect,
* Cool The Streets And The City,
* Conserve Energy,
* Save Water,
* Help Prevent Water Pollution,
* Help Prevent Soil Erosion,
* Shield Children From Ultraviolet Rays,
* Provide Food,
* Are Teachers and Playmates,
* Mark the Seasons,
* Create Economic Opportunities,
* Bring Diverse Groups Of People Together and add Unity,
* Provide A Canopy and Habitat For Wildlife,
* Block or Hide Things,
* Provide Wood,
* Increase Property Values,
* Increase Business Traffic

It is an honor for us at Plant a Tree USA™ to find and share an organization whose GREEN goals meet ours.

We truly thank Randy Finch, CEO and owner of Finch Tree Surgery,, for taking the time and interest to introduce Plant a Tree USA™ to the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation.

Plant a Tree USA™ - Creating a Healthy Mother Earth with a passion!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Children's Literacy and TREES ... perfect together!

The Orange County Children's Book Festival, is an annual event supporting children's literacy. This Book Festival is run by Timeless Learning Inc, a non-profit whose vision (with a bit of literary liberty) is "many many many children who love to read and then some more children who can and love to read".

We at Plant a Tree USA™ support Timeless Learning Inc. and the Orange County Children's Book Festival in a special way. Timeless Learning Inc. is part of the Plant a Tree USA™ Eco-Affiliate program so that when people plant trees and use the promotional code FUNTOREAD - Timeless Learning Inc. receives a portion of part of the cost of the tree.

The Orange County Children's Book Festival will be announcing this connection of how PLANTING TREES supports Children's Literacy to committee members, exhibitors, authors, and friends, who may want to plant a tree in honor of someone and/or someone's special event!

Please visit the special link
or go to and then enter the code FUNTOREAD in the last step of the purchase process.

Plant a Tree USA™ received a note this evening explaining that the staff of the Orange County Children's Book Festival will let everyone know that they can take advantage of this opportunity to both get a very special tree gift for someone and help Children's Literacy at the same time!

Plant a Tree USA™ was most touched at the end of the note from Timeless Learning Inc., which read "Thanks for thinking of us."

It is our love and passion to be involved, do good, and create a healthy Mother Earth and literate "Mother-earthlings".

With warm and care from deep within Plant a Tree USA™ tree roots.

Happy Birthday to Michelle and Pat Burns, who are most dedicated to Children's Literacy!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Green Driving - Top 10 Tips from the American Lung Association

Plant a Tree USA™ presents the Top 10 Tips for Green Driving, as per, the American Lung Association:

Just think about this ... a riddle to ponder.

The mission of the American Lung Association is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.
Why then is the American Lung Association writing articles about GREEN driving?

Answer: The health of our air directly impacts the health of our lungs.

To clean the air we all share, please follow the tips, below, they're fair!
(Hmmm - sounds like Dr. Suess is on the loose!)

1. "Trip chain" more often: combine your errands into one trip.
It helps you get things done, and it helps reduce air pollution.
When you first start a car after it has been sitting for more than an hour, it pollutes up to five times more than when the engine's warm.

2. Take mass transit, share a ride, or car pool.
Even if you do it just once or twice a week, you'll reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and save money.
The average driver spends about 44 cents per mile including ownership and maintenance.

3. Have fun! Ride your bike.
It's a great way to travel and it can help you and the air get into condition. Vehicles on the road create more than 25% of all air pollution nationwide.

4. Take things in stride.
Walk or in-line skate instead of driving.
They're easy ways to get exercise, and they're easy on the air.

5. Care for your car.
Regular maintenance and tune-ups, changing the oil and checking tire inflation can improve gas mileage, extend your car's life and increase its resale value.
It can also reduce traffic congestion due to preventable breakdowns and it could reduce your car's emissions by more than half.

6. Get fuel when it's cool.
Refueling during cooler periods of the day or in the evening can prevent gas fumes from heating up and creating ozone.
And that can help reduce ozone alert days.

7. Don't top off the tank.
It releases gas fumes into the air and cancels the benefits of the pump's anti-pollution devices.
So stopping short of a full tank is safer and reduces pollution.

8. Telecommute. Work at home sometimes.
You'll save time and money, and reduce emissions and traffic congestion.

9. Know before you go.
If your area has a travel and transit information network, use it by calling, visiting the web site or tuning into the cable station.
Get travel and transit updates before you leave home and you won't get stuck in a jam.

Plant a Tree USA™ thanks the American Lung Association for its dedication to lung health and AIR health!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Orange County Children's Book Festival and TREES!

WOW ... what a day for KIDS and TREES and BOOKS at the Orange County Children's Book Festival this past weekend, Saturday September 30, 2006.
The OC Children's Book Festival is run by Pat Burns and Barry Ackerman. Plant a Tree USA™ thanks the OC Children's Book Festival for inviting Plant a Tree USA™ to be one of its honored sponsor.

To plant a tree in honor or in memory of a special someone or celebration or event, click
Plant a Tree USA™ will contribute part of all tree planting proceeds to children's literacy, in honor of the OC Children's Book Festival.

We at Plant a Tree USA™ applaud Pat, Larry, and their team for bringing the MAGIC of Children's Literacy to all kids, of all sized, and all colors, and all imaginations.

Please enjoy the great photos (above) of kids learning and growing at the festival!

Organize, Recycle, and Organize again!

"Look for paperboard and other paper packaging at the grocery store, pharmacy, carryout and other places. They help to keep many of the things you buy safe, clean, and protected, not to mention easier to open. Paperboard is lightweight, so it can save energy when it's transported. It's also largely recyclable and mostly biodegradable. But before you toss it in the bin, see if there's a way you can reuse it. For example, turn empty cereal boxes into magazine shelf organizers, or use lidded containers to store anything from jewelry to nuts and bolts."

Plant a Tree USA™ wants to acknowledge the Abundant Forest Alliance (AFA) for their educational contributions to all of our planet's inhabitants, one example pictured above.

Thank you, AFA, for your creative, recyclable, practical ways to organize our LIVES and home and business environments!
We all have stuff around the home and office, which would be better off organized in a clean healthy fun manner.

This cardboard idea came from their site and has found its way into Plant a Tree USA™'s heart!

Visit to learn more!

We thank Laura & Steve with lots of warmth and excitement for introducing Plant a Tree USA™ to the world of the Abundant Forest Alliance.