Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dancing for Harmony of Mother Earth

Unbelievable news - Hot off the Dancing Shoes Press!

Two incredible dancers, who with Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) have conceived and choreographed "the dance to end poverty", have now joined in the "GREEN MOVEMENT".

And talk about MOVEMENT!
Alberto & Selena Hoyos of Rhythmic Harmony have dedicated themselves to MOVING both individuals and our planet into balance through dance.

Plant a Tree USA™ is excited to announce that Rhythmic Harmony will contribute $1,000 to Plant a Tree USA™ for every single couple who registers with them.
That means that with only 1,000 registrations to Rhythmic Harmony, Plant a Tree USA will receive $1,000,000 - YES - ONE MILLION DOLLARS towards our passionate mission of planting 18 billion trees and educating millions!

These world-famous and award winning dancers have the secret to help you balance your life and find love, money, health, and wealth.
Through your personal movement, you can unlock your unique talents, abilities and desires to acquire your dreams in an enlightened manner.

They have created two fantastic weekend seminars based on dance:
Your Dance of Romance (Oct 14-15th) and Your Dance of Life (Nov 18-19th).

Now, take a look at and see how inner balance will
change your life direction towards what you really want.

To register, call 407-468-4968 and tell them you are calling to change your life and change the planet. You will make their day even more blessed!
(No need to pay the full price as there is a discount for Plant a Tree USA™ supporters, and that means you!)

Mention Plant a Tree USA™ and be one of the thousands who contribute to creating a "Healthy Mother Earth, physically, mentally, and spiritually to offset the human impact on our planet!"

This graciousness and generosity of Rhythmic Harmony humbles us.
We thank Alberto & Selena from the bottom of our tree roots.

From the children of the world, we at Plant a Tree USA™ thank you all for healing our planet through reforestation, re-education, and dance!

Please call to sign up with Alberto & Selena NOW !

May all of our pursuits be ever green and ever meaningful.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Million Dollar Hike by Wajid the Entertainer and Philanthropist!

Visit to see the man Wajid.
Wajid not only laughs his way into your heart, he takes you along with him through wealth building and philantropy!
Wajid will even take you climbing up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (virtually that is)!

Wajid has created the Million Dollar Hike in order to raise over a MILLION dollars, every single penny of which is passionately given to feed and nourish children around the world through Feed the Children.
Sponsor Wajid for Feed the Children by filling out a Pledge Form on Wajid's site,

Wajid's connection with Plant a Tree USA is an honor for us and we are thankful for his heart and soulful support.
Wajid's site full of high level testimonials hosts our Plant a Tree USA website link, encouraging Wajid's multitudes of fans and supporters to visit!

Wajid was actually the first eco-affiliate of Plant a Tree USA to put us as a link on his site.
He is a trend setter.
Follow Wajid and become an eco-affiliate of Plant a Tree USA, get more trees planted, and support your favorite charity ... sign up at

We just received an email from Wajid we would like to share ...
"If I had a third of the energy my friend the Tree Chic has, I would be on the moon by now. I don't know how she does it. Raising wonderful children and running around the country to promote such a worthy cause. Thank you for showing your care for this beautiful Planet who has endured such terrible limitation on our behalf. I want everyone to get on the ball and help TREE CHIC and Plant a Tree USA plant trees for Mother Earth."

Please follow Wajid ... as he leads a way to Environmental Sustainability, Wealth, and Philantropy - with a unique twist of laugter and love!
Don't forget to check out

Larry Jones of Feed the Children promotes Reforestation

During an inter-active interview today, Larry Jones of Feed the Children ( spoke of the need for reforestation (re-planting of tress) internationally.
Feed the Children has studied and is a living case study of how to end world hunger.
An underlying step is to address environmental disasters, human impact and violence.

Probably known to few, Feed the Children planted a million trees!

Larry explained that when you present someone with a "plate of food", they do more than open their mouths, they open their hearts!
Larry and Feed the Children have had the opportunity to hear first hand the real needs of a country when they bring food to their many hungry children.
Larry explained that a pressing need shared in many countries is the need for MORE TREES.

Feed the Children has the contacts, know-how, and systems to get the trees planted.
Larry has opened the door for Plant a Tree USA to assist and participate the way we know best - by selling tree plantings ... and this can take us from being Plant a Tree USA to Plant a Tree WORLD!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Feed the Children and reforestation.

Please support Feed the Children NOW (!
Thank you from the bottom of our tree roots.

We all thank Pat Burns for her excellent networking and interview skills for bringing Larry Jones to her "Success Strategy" interview and for inviting him to open up and teach us all!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Greening the Planet with Willie Nelson

Friday, September 8, 2006 ... Plant a Tree USA and Willie Nelson spoke face-to-face and shared their eye-to-eye views on greening the planet!

As an honored guest in the audience, Plant a Tree USA felt the environment abundant in delight and peace as Willie sang.

After the warm-up rehearsal where Willie Nelson was accompanied by the LA Philharmonic, Cindy of Plant a Tree USA was invited into Willie's private trailer.
There, Willie was intent to listen and to give.
Willie sang his new not-yet-released song Laws of Nature, which he has given to OCHO RICOS to end poverty in the world through music and dance.
He moved his hands in a sideways figure eight shape, and the soul of the music was directed out to the world.
Willie sang of the sun and the water and the trees ... of nature and us as one ... it was beautiful.

Just imagine it … the all-American greatest country singer Willie Nelson serenading Plant a Tree USA to success.
We are planting 18 billion trees and educating millions with a passion (
And as Willie says "We need it!"

More to come about Willie's involvement with Plant a Tree USA!

Inside Willie Nelson's trailer at the Hollywood Bowl, Cindy explained to Willie that Plant a Tree USA is actively looking for farmers across the USA who are interested in having trees planted on their lands.
Cindy asked Willie if he knew farmers who would want Plant a Tree USA to pay them to plant trees on their property.
Willie grinned and said he knew MANY.

Willie then asked Mark Victor Hansen to give Cindy the name of the head woman at Farm Aid to contact.
We are on our way to assist farmers and make the planet green and healthy simultaneously.
Please support Farm Aid ( Willie is the President.

To share in the "Dream Tree Day", see these pics:

We thank Mark Victor Hansen ( and Pat Burns ( and for making possible this day, which will change the future of the planet.